Ceningan Island, Indonesia

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What if instead your website used machine learning to build itself, and then rebuilt as necessary, based on data it was gathering about how it was being used? That’s what The Grid is aiming to do. After you add content such as pictures, text, and videos the stuff everyone enjoys interacting with.

"We want to make the experience more fun," says The Grid founder and CEO Dan Tocchini. "I think the key to that is focusing on the content. It's what all the people [users] do, just focus on the content."

The Grid advertises itself as “AI websites that design themselves.” But what that really means is that through a lot of complicated technical work, Tocchini is trying to completely alleviate fundamental issues with web design for someone like your mom or dad.

The machine age of self-designing websites isn’t perfect (yet). Sometimes it places content and images in ways that don’t make sense or look good in context. There’s still a lot of tweaking of code going on as The Grid gets closer to public use and it’s not intended for people who already know how to design websites on their own.

When colors aren’t flattering or the layouts go weird, The Grid’s creative director, Leigh Taylor, steps in to correct the issues. Taylor was previously at Ev Williams’ Obvious Corporation and designed Medium’s iconic post editor. “The designers are in-the-loop with the AI,” says Taylor. “They interact with it, guide it, influence it to shape a framework of design that facilitates multiple user cases beyond what is feasible with just two hands.”


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